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The Measure – How to gauge your little one’s swimming progress

The Measure

How do you gauge your little one’s swimming progress? How do you Measure it?

How are you preventing spending years in Swim Lessons and still not have a your Under 5 with high drowning prevention skills?

How do you know that you’re under five year old is a strong swimmer.

At Superfish, we have a MEASURE for you to work on to get there.

Can your under-five back float on their own for 30 seconds?

Can they kick, paddle and roll onto their backs while they swimming.

Can they jump in from the side of the pool and swim back to the edge?

Can they tread water available to swim and lift their head up for a breath?

Are they comfortable swimming with their clothes and shoes on.

A good measure, is that your child can hold all of these skills by the time they start preschool or at the latest by grade one.

If your under five can’t do those skills independently, we can help you with the best way to get them there. Talk to our Team with how to mate sure your child hold’s these skills as quickly as possible:

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