We're with our little Superfish, all the way!

The Superfish Journey

See your child’s ‘journey’ with their swimming development.

Swimming Levels are defined along this journey when your child reaches the milestones to determine that they have become Certified Superfish! Starting their Learn to Swim journey as a DIPPA. On completing the 3 level program, your toddler becomes A CERTIFIED DIPPA – Graduating from Dippa 1, Dippa 2 and Dippa 3 (D1, D2, D3)

Now, as Independent swimmers, children participate in our FLIPPAS program, working towards completing the Independent Drowning Prevention Skills and Basic Learn to Swim becoming A CERTIFIED FLIPPA – Graduating from Flippa Confidence 1 (FC1) and Flippa Confidence 2 (FC2)

Continuing their swimming journey into our Stroke Correction and Perfection Program, our comprehesive stroke development program, continued success comes when graduating as A CERTIFIED NIPPA – Graduating from Nippa 1(N1), Nippa 2 (N2) and Nippa 3 (N3)

Now qualifying to participate in our SQUAD PROGRAMS – Pre Squad Programs- Squad 4 (S4) and Squad 5 (S5) and Senior Squads (SS).

Our SUPERFISH GRADUATION is awarded when your child meets all the criteria to complete our program and have attained an advanced swimming ability.

All swimmers are given Level Certificates, for each level they graduate, PLUS a ‘Journey Board’ Poster to take home, with additional certificates and stickers along the progression.

The Superfish Swim Schools Journey