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Senior Manager

Superfish Swim Schools

Taylor has been swimming since he was one and swam competitively from 10 years of age. He went on to swim at a national level, winning 100m freestyle at schools nationals in 2013. He then transitioned into a traineeship with Superfish Swim Schools at 17 years of age. Whilst working with Superfish, Taylor completed his Bachelor of Information Technology, enlisted in the Army Reserves and is a volunteer Surf Life Saver.
He has been involved with all aspects of Superfish Swim Schools, and loves to see the progress of children’s learn to swim journey and development of life saving skills.
I am very proud to be apart of the superfish community. Being able to watch a child’s learn to swim journey is very special.



Superfish Pacific Pines

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From an early grassroots level in England, Dylan has always been driven within a sporting context, both personally and for his community. Dylan has competed in State and National level sporting competitions, which is where his passion for educating his younger peers stems from. This engagement manifested itself in his adult life when he pursued higher education, obtaining a Bachelor of Sport Development, with a huge portion of his studies aimed in the psychological and business fields within sport. As a local on the Northern Gold Coast, his energy is magnetic for the swimming development of children of this region.
Being able to provide a service which improves the lives of so many is truly the greatest gift I have been given.


Pool Deck Supervisor

Superfish Pacific Pines

From a very early age, growing up in England, Sarah had a passion for sport, including being a competitive swimmer for most of her childhood. She followed this passion with a degree in Sports Education and in 2009, became Aquatics Manager at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong, responsible for running the in-school and after-school swimming lessons.
She has been involved with all aspects of Superfish Swim Schools, and loves to see the progress of children’s learn to swim journey and development of life saving skills.



Superfish Benowa

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“Over 2 decades ago I started taking my first child to Superfish Swim School when he was 6 months old. He loved his lessons and it gave me great happiness to see him attaining life skills whilst excelling from ‘learn to swim’ to ‘squad’. Three more children followed and they have all been through the Superfish Program with my youngest two still enrolled. If it wasn’t for Superfish, my eldest son would never have achieved ‘Age Champion’ at primary school along with my youngest son making it into ‘Districts’.”
Elizabeth holds a Bachelor of Business with her background being in retail and working with children. She is very excited to have made the career move into the swimming industry, and as a business, Superfish feels more like a supportive family. She loves working with kids, watching them grow and learn and gains great satisfaction seeing them excel through the program and watching their parents glow with excitement from their child’s progression.
As a business, Superfish feels more like a supportive family.


Pool Deck Supervisor

Superfish Benowa

When Mel had her son she knew she wanted to give him the opportunity to learn to be safe in the water, before developing technique and skills for life, so at five months old she enrolled him in infant swimming classes. For the last 16 years has been on the swim parent journey all the way to state level competitive swimming with him. It was watching one of his lessons over ten and a half years ago that she had the thought to enrol in a swim instructor course. She was initially drawn to infant and toddler drowning prevention but in her many years of teaching, she has enjoyed teaching all levels to squad.
Because of this passion for drowning prevention Mel made the move to Superfish, the Learn to Swim Experts, in January 2019 with appreciation for their emphasis on technique first for stroke development.
I can’t imagine teaching any other way! Everyday is instant job satisfaction knowing you’re responsible for imparting life saving skills and joy in the water to others!



Teo’s competitive swimming career started when he was a 9 year old and continued to age 16. He was a butterfly swimmer for his club at a state level. In 2010, astounded by his teachers and their teaching abilities, he decided to start to work as a junior teacher and since then has progressed through a number of swim schools and gained experience teaching students in different age groups. In 2018, after moving to Australia to study a Master’s in Biotechnology, Teo worked at Monash University’s swimming pool as swimming instructor and completed Austswim courses for learn to swim teaching, as well as teaching for adults. Teo moved to Queensland in October 2020 and started his Superfish journey.
Teaching children life-saving skills and putting big smiles on their parents’ face are what I love the most in this industry.
My passion is to help Superfish families to experience the best services in Superfish facilities.



Superfish Worongary

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Kerryn’s passion for working with children began with a career as a Nanny on the Gold Coast whilst studying Childcare, she gained experience in the UK as a childcare Group Leader for many years, working her way up to Centre Director before a career change into the Learn to Swim industry.
“SUPERFISH ignited a passion for Learn to Swim, drowning prevention and advanced stroke correction techniques. I’m overwhelmed by the appreciation families have for their child’s swimming progression, there is nothing more satisfying than watching children move up through our program from Dippas, Nippas, Flippas to Squads. The relationships I have formed with these families and children will be forever one of the biggest accomplishments in my career. There isn’t a day at work where I don’t receive a heartfelt thank you from a customer for teaching their child a potentially life saving skill.”


The relationships I have formed will be forever one of the biggest accomplishments in my career.

Cheryl Lee


Superfish Redland Bay

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Cheryl Lee has always been an active participant in sports, consistently representing her region and state in various competitions. With a Bachelor of Human Movements under her belt, she took on the role of sports officer at James Cook University, simultaneously serving as the Assistant Manager of the Fitness Centre and Pool facilities. During this period, she pursued further education and successfully completed a Bachelor of Science degree. In addition to her administrative responsibilities, she also took on the role of coaching a swimming squad and teaching a learn-to-swim program specifically tailored for disabled children.

Her involvement extended beyond the university campus. She played a key role in the design and implementation of the cardio studio at the University of Queensland and subsequently assumed the position of Manager at their fitness centre. Throughout her journey, her passion for sports remained unwavering, leading her to become the state and Australian martial arts champion in her category in 1998.

My passion for sport, a love of swimming and the progress my child has made at Superfish has encouraged me to return to doing what I love.