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Enforcing Safe Pool Entry with Toddlers and Children

Enforcing Safe Pool Entry with Toddlers and Children

It is SO important for both swim instructors and parents to CONTROL THE BEHAVIOUR OF YOUNG CHILDREN WHEN THEY ARE TO ENTER A POOL.

You may THINK that 'Safe Entry' is not an important Water Safety Skill BUT THIS IS SO IMPORTANT for toddlers who must KNOW THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE POOL UNTIL AN ADULT TELLS THEM THEY CAN.

Children need to be trained that they DO NOT enter a pool, until their Instructors and Parents ALLOW them to.

This is a SAFETY SKILL that is LEARNED with toddlers and young children.

EVERY swimming class, from toddler lessons to your basic swimming student, needs this skill enforced at the start of EVERY class!

Make sure the swimming instructor at your swim school is re-enforcing this skill with toddlers and young children.

If you attend a parent/toddler lesson, parents can also ensure this skill, at the start of every lesson AS WELL AS, every time, when entering your backyard pool.

Young children must KNOW they cannot hop in the water until the adult tells them!

Make toddlers and young children sit on the side and WAIT... Then they can only enter the pool, with a SAFETY ENTRY when YOU tell them!

Swimming Industry Keynote Speaker Karen Baildon

Karen Baildon

Karen, General Manager of Superfish Swim Schools and co-developer and trainer of the Superfish Learn To Swim and Drowning Prevention programs, is a renowned Swimming Industry expert who lectures on Learn To Swim/Drowning Prevention and actively campaigns to raise public awareness through the media.

Karen is also a presenter and special event host and international consultant.